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Quality Affordable Home Care Solutions

Live Your Best Life at Home 

Elitra Private Care is a private caregiver referral service delivering excellence, in collaboration with our preferred partnering company- since 2017. Through our multi-faced network of independent and credentialed home aides, certified nursing assistants, sitters, and companions, we make it possible for you to live your best life at home!  

At Elitra, we understand that your family may be experiencing, or will one day experience, a critical moment: when a doctor or social worker says that you or you loved one “must have” assistance at home to stay safe. 

We know the decisions you face.

Our purpose is to help you make the right ones, for quality care at home, without the go-between charges.

We are a diverse group of caregivers who speak a variety of languages, but our common language is love and care. We deliver care that knows no ethnic boundaries.

Our thoroughly vetted caregivers are educated to work directly and independently for the client.

Elitra is a “silent partner” with a preferred provider in North Carolina, whose vision is as clear, and care
standards are as high, as ours. No more worries about call-in-sicks or no-shows. Our network serves as
a central hub and will find a suitable replacement if your caretaker is ill or cannot be on the job.