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Our Promise

At Elitra Private Care, our service promise – “quality affordable home care solutions” – is who we are and what we live by.  We promise to align you with a caregiver who has the interests, skills, and education to meet your needs.

Whether aging in place, recovering from an injury, or simply needing assistance with a disabled child, every person deserves the choice of staying home. But home care can be expensive, incomplete, or low quality.

At Elitra, our goal is to be affordable while abiding by the highest standards of care. Our caregivers are selected based on their ability to be responsible and their desire to provide care services privately to you – without relying on a go-between agency.

What makes us unique? Elitra has partnered with a preferred home care provider who shares our passion for delivering high-quality home care. Our caregivers are educated and credentialed before they are referred out to service you. Our preferred provider does not employ our caregivers – our caregivers are employed by our clients – but it sets strict standards for the team compliance and offers our caregivers support, if needed.   

We understand why some families may be hesitant to use private services. Elitra takes the worry out of making that choice. Our clients depend on us, and we deliver. Day by day, hour by hour, their trust is our guiding light.

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